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For those of you who are curious about what is being said about SoundSeat on the internet you may want to check out the following sites, read the postings and even ask some questions yourselves. Try one of the following:

drumzillaslair - a Yahoo Group
rec.music.makers - a Google Group
Or just Google SoundSeat and see what you find.

Customer Comments

"They took the best music chair ever made, and made it even better."

Guitarist Michael O'Dorn
Chet Atkins Appreciation Society, Nashville, Tn.
July 2007

"JR and Company"

"I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you something that I am sure you already know. I am so thoroughly satisfied with your product that I intend to tell all my musician friends about it. I purchased the chair last week and used it on 3 gigs over the weekend. I was surprised how much better I felt the next morning. No longer did my legs and back hurt and I think I actually sounded better because of the ergonomic way in which I was able to swivel around to my different foot pedals, certainly it helped the timing of those effects."

"Even more important than my satisfaction with the actual product you sell is the fantastic customer service you offer. I called after that long weekend to tell you that I wished the chair were a bit higher (I am 6"4'). J.R. not only immediately shipped out a new, taller piston to me (on your dime!) but when the part arrived a couple of days later, he stayed on the phone with me and talked me through the uninstallation of the old piston and the replacement."

"I have been playing professionally for 25 years and like all musicians I love to buy new gear. Never in all that time have I encountered a company who cares as much about their product and their customers. I think this is the way customer service must have been 100 years ago in this country when craftsmen actually hand made the products they sold. It is obvious that a great deal of pride goes into your chairs and I can say that I am equally proud to say I own one."

Bill Brennan
Brennan & the Mor Irish Band

"I purchased a SoundSeat so I could get back into playing the guitar again. I've got many physical problems and I've found that this particular chair, the SoundSeat without the arms with the higher back and the ring, is just perfect for me. These are the best chairs you can find and excellent for many uses besides just playing music. I'd highly recommend these very reasonably priced chairs to everyone. The service is beyond excellent and personalized and this company is one of America's examples of fine workmanship and logical ingenuity. Thanks again for this great chair, we all love it (even the cats)."

Sue B.

"Thanks so much for following up on the replacement part. I received the collar and the seat is at least as good as new, if not better."

"You know, there are a lot of testimonials on your web page touting the quality of your product, which are all well deserved. I've got to tell you though, I honestly am blown away with the level of service that you guys offer, especially for a small company. Your quality of service so far exceeds any other company that I've ever dealt with including large firms with complete "Customer Service" departments. I sent an email on a Sunday notifying you that my chair had a rubber gasket issue (after close to six years of daily usage mind you!), and not only do I get an email back that very same day, but I get a personal call from the owner as well! Within a week, the new gasket in in my mailbox, no questions asked, and the chair is back to new condition. Then, as if that wasn't the ultimate in kid gloves of customer service, I then receive a follow-up email to make sure that I received the replacement part and was able to successfully install it."

Your product and company are remarkable and STAND ALONE in terms of providing a quality of service which equals the quality of your product. Congratulations, and best of luck for the continued success of your operation."

Bryan M.

"This chair is really nice. I've had numerous people try it out and they are all very impressed. Several have said that they are going to get one. I don't know if they have acutally contacted you or not, but your know how that goes."

"I have been using it in my shop for those jobs where you get to sit down in guitar building. I have had a shop stool of course, but this baby goes up and down so you can adjust it for that just right height. What a concept! Different jobs benefit from different heights. Then there's the back rest. Nice to be able to lean back now and then to relieve some of the stress. And then of course it's just plain comfortable. And the footring gives you that extra leg position which also relieves stress, and it's adjustable too! I have to fight Matthew for it when we both happen to need a stool. You can certainly also advertise this as a guitar makers shop stool ......Or a watchmaker, or a jeweler, etc., etc. Great product. Thanks again."

Bruce Petros
Petros Guitars, Inc.

"JR - I thought you would like to get some feedback on my soundseat which I used for a long sit down gig (3+ hours) last Sunday. I mentioned when I ordered the chair that I was having back problems which have led to Dr. appts, Physical Therapy and an upcoming MRI. Two spinal problems and bursitus have caused extreme pain and discomfort when walking, sitting, standing, laying down, etc. Back pain which ultimately goes down the leg has made me consider canceling certain gigs even though it would have beenbad PR to have done so. So I trudged ahead and played through the discomfort of standing (which was necessary) until last weekend when I went to the above gig with trepidation. I sat down on the soundseat with a mild amount of initial discomfort but kept on going. At the end of the gig I got off the seat, stood up without the use of a cane and walked around the place like nothing had ever happened. I was deliriously happy as you might expect. The next morning the pain returned and I went to physical therapy and mentioned to the therapist about my experience with "the chair". He was intrigued to say the least and asked me to bring it in at my next appt (tomorrow). Last night I had to teach guitar and banjo for two hours in downtown Phoenix so I took my chair. I used it for the next two hours and a repeat of Sunday's experience reoccurred - relief. I don't know how to explain this but there's something magical about this seat. Who knows. maybe a whole new market has opened in the Physical Therapy business - just sit on the chair. Now I'm thinking about getting one for my office chair.

JR - I am really pleased with your product and will promote it in any way I can.

Steve C.

I greatly appreciate Steve's comments and we are glad the seat helped his back. However, SoundSeat makes no medical claims that our chair will improveyour bad back. We can certainly make you more comfortable, but heal you - no. Thanks Steve.

J.R. Baker

"I love the seat. The low height (which we discussed before I purchased) is just what I was looking for. My classical guitar feels so much better in my lap while I'm sitting in this chair - very stable and just the right height. It couldn't be more comfortable and it looks pretty damn great too! It's so nice not to be disappointed, and I very much appreciate your unsolicited phone call to make sure that it arrived, that I was happy with it and to see if I needed assistance with the assembly. That's how business should (but often isn't) done and that did not go unnoticed by me. Frankly, the assembly couldn't have been easier - my kids' toys should be so easy. Thanks and best regards."

Rick S.

"Good posture and great techinique go hand in hand, yet most guitarists practice while sitting on a simple stool or chair. In my 43 years of playing guitar, I have learned that posture enables me to work longer, harder, and play better. My SoundSeatGas Lift Guitar Chair is the best ergonomic solution to long practice sessions and the avoidance of stress-related injuries to my neck, shoulders and back. Good posture also helps keep the body relaxed, so that many repetitive motion disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome are minimized. JR has designed this seat to fit the activity of playing guitar, with the bonus of fine craftsmanship, superb materials, and professional after-the-sale service. I only wish that SoundSeat had been around 43 years ago!"

Dr. John Duncan
Clinical Professor
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Jazz Guitarist

"JR - I truly believe in the SoundSeat and will tell all of my friends and acquaintances who play music about it. Thank you for your kind service and your wonderful product."

"I loved Soundseat's chair--after climbing and crawling understage to my opening position at the start of the show, it was SO gratifying to see my name embroidered on my seat when I finally arrived. Over the course of a long year, I had none of the lower back complaints which have dogged me over the last thirty years of touring. Maybe it's because the Soundseat put me into a better posture than in the past, in which case I'm truly grateful. Amazingly, the one chair held me up throughout the whole tour--which is a big surprise, since I've trashed a lot of chairs over the years. PerhapsI'm not as rambunctious as I was in the past, but I would prefer to attribute it to the Soundseat's sturdy construction."

Tom Hensley
Keyboards and piano for Neil Diamond

"SoundSeat is a high-performance product. Refined design and hi-grade materials produce a chair that is at once ergonomic, attractive, and handles well. It's light yet very durable and trouble-free. It has delighted my clients. Zero problems - 100% recommended."

Peter Danilowicz
Keyboards echnician for Neil Diamond, David Bowie, Luther Vandross

"Thanks a bunch for the replacement seat that I received some time ago. As things had it, I kept it unassembled because of an impending move late last year."

"I have just assembled that second SoundSeat, & have to tell you it is great to use for my classical guitar playing. It sits lower than my other SoundSeat (with the foot rest), so it provides me with the perfect leg angle for classical guitar playing, with absolutely no leg or lower back discomfort. Many times I find myself sitting down & playing for 4-6 hours at a time, with short breaks in between! I was never able to sustain this effort before using other seats. I have been able to spend longer hours practicing & composing because your SoundSeat makes the whole process a lot more comfortable!"

Eduardo M.

"Thanks for the follow up call yesterday. I received the throne on Monday but as I don't teach until Tuesday I wanted to wait and see how it worked. It's great man! Is is clear that your throne is a huge cut above the competition. The quality and workmanship are outstanding, the comfort, well that is just as you said, unsurpassed. The throne was packed well, easy to set up and while I don't expect it to fix my back problems, it certainly can't hurt. Best throne I ever had! I even figured out how to set it so if I did gig out with it, it wouldn't make me lazy (the inherent problem with backrest thrones). So needless to say, I am very happy and would recommend your throne to anyone. Thanks again JR."

Larry L.

"Finally have the time to write you and let you know how much I like my SoundSeat portable drum throne. I have had the opportunity to play 2 gigs with it recently and felt the improvement in the low back postural support. I can play with much less back fatigue. I'm impressed with the workmanship and sturdiness of the SoundSeat and that it can support a 6` 2", 260 lb man like myself. I was being lazy and I tried to do rehearsal with my old throne but after 2 songs I dug out the SoundSeat and set it up. Thanks for making a great product!"

John P.
March 28, 2006

"This thing is great. Now I understand all the rave reviews. When I'm sitting at my kit I have no attention on my butt at all; zero discomfort. I feel much more stable too. I'm just now writing up an ad to get rid of my Gibraltar seat on eBay :)"

Tim L.

"At long last I have finally been able to use the new SoundSeat on the job. I did a four hour recording session yesterday. I am pleased to say that the seat was a huge improvement over the Roc-N-Soc seat that I have been using. Using the old seat, I can expect significant back and shoulder discomfort. At the end of the session I had no discomfort and felt pretty much like I did at the beginning. I would recommend the SoundSeat to anyone playing Steel Guitar. Thanks for your prompt shipping and personal service."

Michael B.

"I thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how much I like the seat. First of all, the craftmanship is impeccable. The design is very nice and it got compliments from the rest of the band immediately when they saw it." "Now the real test. We started our gig last Saturday at about 9:30 and played straight through until almost 4:00 in the morning. I kept waiting for that horrible feeling of pain in the tail bone that radiates up the spine like I used to get from the Roc and Soc chair but it never came. My back is very sensitive because of two back surgeries but I must say that it was no worse than when we first started the gig! Hard to believe but true."

"When I read the comments from the other people that tried your seat I more or less thought that your seat may be just a little better if at all. After all, why wouldn't some of the big chair companies use the best foam, or the best leather as you do? I sure found out different."

"It took one hard night of sitting on your chair to make a believe out of me. JR, I thank you and my back thanks you for this great chair you have made. I will "sing" it's praises forever!"

"Please feel free to give my email to anyone that wants to talk to me about the chair."

George H.

"Sorry it took so long to get back to you to let you know how my husband liked his Christmas present. All I (and he) can say is wow! He is in love with his new chair and says he can comfortably play his guitar for hours without the pain and strain he felt before. He even uses it when just surfing the internet. I think, if I let him, he'd move into the family room! Thank you again for your outstanding advice (the configuration is perfect), service and follow-up. You are truly a gem and your product is awsome!"

Karen K.

"The seat arrived yesterday afternoon. Condition and workmanship are grade"A", number one! The color is even better than expected and it was welll packaged and very easy to assemble. Thanks for the great service and a quality product - a rare combination in today's workplace!!!"

Randy P.

"It's Rob from Handidrummed.com. It's been about 2 years since I purchased my SoundSeat drum throne after adding a page about the product on my website. I just wanted to email you both and let your know that I still love this drum throne as much today as the day I bought it. I play bass guitar as well, and when I need to sit on something, even though I have a Tama 1st Chair throne hanging around doing nothing (which I find VERY uncomfortable to sit on now), I still drag my SoundSeat out from behind the drums over to my amp to use. If my wife would let me I'd buy another for use as a computer chair:)"

"I'd just like to say that I consider myself an unofficial endorser, and every chance I get (ie."What throne/chair should I get?" topics in music forums), I try to spread the word and convert as many people as I can to your great product." "Take care and keep up the great work. All the best."

Rob R.

"Yes it arrived (a while back, sorry). My wife has been using it every day for harp practice, and she really loves it. She also used it in her first public concert earlier this month. Her harp is a concert grand Camac Athena harp, which requires one to sit a bit higher than most other concert grand harps. So having the seat height adjustment is very useful. She no loner has to suspend practicing due to sitting fatique. She practices until she is ready to be finished, which she really appreciates. In particular, the simultaneous changing of the A and D (outside) pedals is much more comfortable because the seat allows better balancing and cushioning. I have also tried the chair as a cellist, and it is very comfortable. I'm giving serious thought to placing another order (because my wife won't share!)."

"Thanks again for the good service and the great product."

David and Dawn W.

"JR...Just wanted you to know that I really love this guitar seat...especially now that I'm starting to break it in. It's funny, I spent thousands and thousands on gear, and yet only recently decided to look for the perfect seat to go with my perfect gear. I've found it. You'd think as an ex-drummer it would have occurred to me sooner...having a great throne was everything. Anyway, I'm on the guitar throne now and can honestly say that my playing has improved because of it. A good seat is like the score of a good movie...you don't notice it when it's working. Great product..."

Rick A.

"J.R. Received the SoundSeat, set the baby up and put it through it's paces this last few weeks. FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I've sat on many thrones through my career and I am always the first to come forward when a product goes beyond expectation. The feel, look and craftmanship is second to none. I don't ache or feel any discomfort from many, many hours of rehearsal and gigs. It's been a pleasure sir. Thankyou!"

"Just to let you know the seat arrived safely and I'm absolutely delighted. I wish I'd bought one years ago - it's light years ahead of the competition in terms of comfort! Many thanks."

Al D.
Reigate, UK

"I got the chair and I do mean 'The Chair'. My first thoughts as the man in brown handed the box down from the truck was this chair had some weight to it. It was only a few short minutes till it sat fully assembled in my studio. The quality of the chair shouts loudly, from the high-end soft leather throne and back. It screams 'Sit Here!'. That's the good news. The bad news... I find it very hard to leave the chair. It fits my body so well and I don't feel the need to get up and walk around as ofter. When I think about all the different seats and positions I have performed in, I can only say I wish I had one of these forty years ago. As a Guitar player with MS the SoundSeat will make th end of my days a little less painful. Thank you J.R. for a wonderful chair. Sometimes it's the little things that create the biggest results."

Woody B.

I recently purchased a soundseat. I have been very happy with it so far. I had a few questions prior to buying. I spoke with JR at soundseat and he was very helpful, but it would have helped to see one live and kickin'. Well.. here ya go! Beware.. 30 meg download

I have no affiliation with soundseat... this is just a public service offering.

Posted by Kurt on the Acoustic Guitar Forum

"Thanks for your message. Yes, it arrived safely and I am very much enjoying my new SoundSeat! What a wonderful product. The more that I use the seat, the more that I appreciate everything about it. I always enjoy playing my drums, but this seat has made it even better. I am able to practice longer at a time and better concentrate on my playing. The stability, comfort and balance are excellent. I didn't know that I would like having a backrest so much. It provides just the right amount of support and encourages me to maintain good posture. I appreciate the high quality materials and workmanship. Leather is so much better for me than vinyl. Your customer service is outstanding also! I feel very fortunate to have found your website when I was searching the internet for a new throne."

Lee M.

I am so thankful for my SoundSeat. It is beautiful. Compared to any throne I have used in the past, it is like sitting on a cloud (with the support of course). After a length of time on the throne it just gets better, not worse like conventional thrones."

"Not only do I use it when I am playing my kit, but I bring it home and use it when I am sitting at my bench building and re-furbishing drums. Since I suffer with an arthritic condition of the spine (have for 24 yrs) this throne is a God send."

"When I spoke last with J.R. I asked him if he would like a Canadian rep/distributor for SoundSeat. I am serious, I have been playing for 27 yrs, and teaching for 20. I have the time to put into this, and I am definitely another satisfied SoundSeat owner."

"I have already been sharing the attributes of this wonderful throne with others, in hopes that they too will purchase one, and in my opinion, experience the comfort that no other throne on the market offers. Thank you for the follow-up, and if you are seriously looking for a dedicated, experienced, trustworthy, God-fearing man to sell/or distribute SoundSeat in Canada, I am your man."

"God Bless you both, in Drums and Drumming."

Richard E.
Ontario, Canada

Played my first gig on Saturday night and my response to the SoundSeat I can't put into words. For the first time in many months, I've played a 4 hour show and finished with no butt or leg pain. I've previously explained by cruciate knee problem and I can't believe that changing only a seat-top can help my problem so readily. The position that it places your body in is so comfortable. My posture has improved and I feel so much more relaxed whilst playing. I don't think there is another product out there that can compete with what your product does, not only does it improve your posture but it makes you play better. Absolutely magic J.R., so pleased I hooked up with you and look forward to many comfortable years of playing ahead. I just bought myself a Brady drumkit, fantastic instrument, everything I want to hear from a drumset is there, but I'm more pleased that I've bought your SoundSeat, means I can enjoy playing my new set now. Drums and fashions will change, but the thing I won't ever change is this seat, unless you make this one better!!! Heartfelt thanks, I'm so, so happy!!"

Gordon S.
Edinburgh, Scotland

"So far I am very pleased, I like the SoundSeat very much. Thank you so much for your trouble sending the SoundSeat all the way to Sweden. I will recommend all my musician friends to use one of your excellent chairs. Thanks alot."

Anders K.
Orsa Sweden

"The MP arrived last night and I am at work right now sitting in it. Two words: AW-SUM! The backrest is so supple! I don't even feel like I'm sitting, more like I'm floating. My mother in-law found it so comfortable that she sat in it during dinner last night, since lately she has been having the same back problems I used to have. I could tell that she didn't want to get out of the chair after dinner. I may have trouble being productive today, as I won't want to get up for anything. Perhaps tomorrow I'll just wear a diaper to work. No, scratch that idea. In any event, you've outdone yourself with this one, and I am very happy with it. There just isn't anything else out there that matches the level of quality and durability of your products. And it's particularly nice to do business with someone who goes out of his way to talk to you about your needs, and can really relate to what the customer is looking for (it doesn't hurt either that you're an experienced drummer)."

Seth M.

"Thanks so much for the note! Yes, my husband Steve used the new SoundSeat at our gig on New Year's Eve, and it was wonderful. He told me the next morning that he felt much better than he usually does after playing the night before. Not only does he love the back (the best part) but he likes the seat itself. He had a nice seat before, but says this one is so much more comfortable and also allows his legs to move easier than his old one did."

"So yes, I was very pleased with the quick arrival of the product, and it is definitely performing to Steve's satisfaction, (and therefore, mine). He loves it!"

"I very much appreciate your excellent customer service!"

Barbara W.

"JR, You are the man. That seat is the best ever. My double bass playing has improved by I guess about 15%. It's just so much more free and faster. I feel much more centered in the kit, it's like you're sitting in GODSbig hand while you play. No more ass ache/back ache either. Will spread the word, maybe you should include some big stickers in your orders for people to stick on their kit or cases. Thanks alot, and wish you well."

Tony B.
Dublin, Ireland

"The new SoundSeat is great!! Beautifully made just like my guitar SoundSeat. I really appreciate the new design of the arms. Two-way adjustability. I was amazed to get it in only two days. If I ever get down to NC, I'm taking your tape away from you as I feel you are a danger to yourself and others. On an up note though, I'll be insulating my house with the packing paper you generously included.:) Seriously though, I want you to know how much I appreciate your fine product and the excellent service which is second to none."

"Thanks, and best regards to you and your family."

Frank B.

"Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your exceptional SoundSeat! Hands-down, it's the finest make! After oooing and aaaing at the embroidery stitching, I almost hated to sit on it, the leather was so nice and when you do.......OOOOOooooooo!"

"Not only that, of course; your personal service is beyond almost ANYTHING customers recieve these days. You and your company have exceeded my expectation in EVERY way. Thank you very much and continued success. God bless."

Jim O.

"I've had my SoundSeat for some months now and it was good at first, but it just keeps getting better and better. You were so right in saying it takes a little time to 'dial it in'. I thought the back rest was comfortable were it was (it was, compared to anything else) but I moved it back some more once the seat started conforming to me and now...heaven!!! I honestly think my playing has improved since I got this, if for no other reason than that I'm playing longer (but it's more than just that). Good position goes a long way toward good technique."

"Thanks for your good nature and the talents of your hands."

Bill B.

"Just checking in with you......"

"The 'Wide Ass' has become my best friend! I simply could not get along without it. Rehearsals or gigs, my posterior has never had it so good. It's made a big difference in how I feel at the end of a Friday & Saturday night club engagement. Your product has been the best investment I've made in percussion equipment in a long, long time!"

"Thank you."

Tom P. (and Tom's bottom!)

"Yes, I got the seat yesterday and everything went smoothly. Clearance and check-out at customs with no problems."

"I assembled the seat in the night - and thanks to the manual there were no problems either. I was very impressed with the packaging of the parts (the sealing of every item). But more important: I am very pleased with the seat itself and could easily adjust it to the most convenient position."

"Will have my first guitar exercises in the afternoon and I am looking forward to this already. I will let you know in case of questions, so far everything goes well."

"Thank you again for this excellent product!"

Dr. Joachim H.
Mainz, Germany

"I got the seat yesterday and tried it out at practice last night. I presumed it would be comfortable, but wow, this thing is heavenly. I usually have to adjust my position in between each song due to back pain. Using the SoundSeat, I sat back and barely noticed that I was even sitting throughout our 2 hour practice! This is particularly significant given that I have a herniated disc in my low back. The backrest that came with the seat is a lifesaver for me. All I have to do is sit back in the chair and feel the support. The pain diminishes and I can focus on drumming like it's supposed to be."

"I would and will recommend this seat to any drummer, particularly those with low back pain, which is most of us anyway. You have made a fine product, easily the best I've ever seen in 25 yearsof drumming. Given how well it supports me during drumming, I may be back to order another one for my work office."

"Thanks again!"

Seth M.

"I received it on Friday and used it on my gig Friday night. One word...WOW!. I never thought that a seat could make such a difference in my playing. The gas lift is very comfortable and took no time to get used to. For the first time in a long time, I didn't use a back on my seat...and didn't miss it one bit. I was able to see myself in a mirror and kept checking my posture.. perfectly straight. I had absolutely no fatigue in my leg and foot which has been plaguing me as of late. One band member even commented that my foot seemed stronger as the night progressed also saying that he noticed in the past a tendency for my kick drum to get a little weaker through the night."

"You have a wonderful product and I'm so glad I finally took the plunge. You and J.R. are a pleasure to work with as well."

Ian R.

"Yes the seat arrived safely at work last tuesday and I was impressed by the oveall quality of it. I sat on it here at my desk and let a lot of co-workers try it out as well. They all smiled at the comfort of it!! I posted this over at the Drumsmith site. Last July, almost 9 months ago, I injured my tailbone going down a big slide with my daughter. I caught to much air and when I landed it was hard to get up. It was the sorest for almost a month and once I could sit comfortably it would still be painful while playing."

"My band does three 50 minute sets and with my Roc-N-Soc and Pork Pie thrones it slowly gets painful to sit towards the end of the sets and then I could really feel the pain when I stood up. Our gig on Saturday was the first time in nine months that I was in no pain at all while I was playing. You have a great product well worth the money and I will highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their throne/seat. Thanks so much for saving my ass!!"

Peter S.

"Yes, the SoundSeat arrived safely...thx for the follow up phone call the other day...your customer service is absolutely superb! I gotta tell ya, my bass drum work has already improved...my balance is now rock solid."

"What a Sweet revelation."

"Today I left a ringing endorsement for the SoundSeat on the rec.music.makers.percussion newsgroup. I'm spreadin' the word! Thx again!!!"

Kevin J.

My wife's not much for talking. I can also recommend the seat, it is quality construction and works very well for her harp. It took a little adjusting to get it just right, but it works great for her - she never complains about her back anymore and she practices about 10 hours a week up to 2 hours a day. Jan's harp is a lever harp which shouldn't be confused with a pedal harp (usually larger and more expensive). I only mention this in case someone asks. We ended up using the taller feet and still have enough adjustment for the seat height, but my wife is 5'8" and shorter people may need the shorter feet. I have included a link to compare your seat with the standard harp seat. These harp seats are very standard in the harp world, they adjust with a knob on the end or they screw up and down depending on the rectangular or round seat. I think you have a very viable seat for the harpist and I agree with my wife that your should advertise it on your website. Good luck in your business endeavor."

Brian C.

"I have really enjoyed using my new SoundSeat with my Lyon & Healy Prelude harp. It has been so much better on my back when holding my harp. I also love how the seat curves in for your legs, it is great for a harpist because their harp sits between their legs. I showed it to my harp teacher and she thought that it was a great seat. I will be happy to pass the word on to other harpist's that I know, I think that you should advertise it on your website for the harp too."

Jan C.

"This throne is amazing. I played for 2 hours straight and my back actually felt better after I was done. I commend you on your great innovation. The surprise is that it took somebody so long to think of this. I am looking forward to enjoying this quality piece of machinery as I have begun to realize that this is probably the most important piece of my drum kit. I think my double-bass playing has actually gotten better because I am so much more balanced. Your customer service is second to none. I will spread the word that there is no better place for a musician to sit than on a SoundSeat!"

Chris K.

"Well, I do not really like to promote or endorse products in a community of this type, with the concern of being misunderstood or wrongly interpreted. However, I recently made a purchase which made a great deal of difference in my guitar playing and the enjoyment I get out of it."

"I am 37 and have always been a sports guy and practiced a wide variety of them from surfing, mountain biking, orienteering, skateboarding to plain going to the gymn or running around town (I'll be attempting a half marathon this Saturday). At some point, I slightly did my back and as a consequence I need to seek proper posture in mostly everything I do."

"I recently picked up guitar playing and through GA, SlowBlues, Bluesnut, Gary Allen and many others thoughts and ideas, I have been able to make progress enough to make me proud and happy. I could not, though, find a proper seating place at home to avoid lower back pain and discomfort after an average 1.5 hours a day. Annoying, to say the least."

"So, a proper chair/seat/stool/throne to play guitar became a "must have" to me, as much as an amp or guitar picks. For some of you, a guitar seat might not even make the bottom of your wish list - you can stop reading now and move on. I am reasonably good at looking for things on the internet and soon I learned that seats for playing musical instruments are a business for many, the majority for the drum playing folk. I did a great deal of research and came across RocnSoc, Tama, Pearl and a few others. Although this is specialized "furniture", price is similar to non-specialized, i.e. what you can find in a mid-scale furniture shop."

"Now, for the good news... During my research, I came across www.soundseat.com and it looked that they pretty much had what I was looking for. They do make seat/chairs/thrones/stools whatever you want to call it, specifically for drum and guitar players, with appropriate back support and oversized footring. But what really stands out on their proposition is the quality of the materials and how you can compose the product to your liking from product features to customisable details (logos, your name embroidered...). They seem to be reasonably small in terms of setup, bringing to the market their unique craft in making a great quality product. They also are musicians. All great ingredients to a good purchase, if you ask me."

"I ended up ordering one and throughout my dealing with J.R. I only met professionalsim, courtesy and a genuine concern in making sure that I was happy with what I was purchasing - the proper model, the quality of the materials (unbeatable, IMHO) and the price. Fantastic customer care, the kind you only find in businesses that carry their profession with passion."

"As for comfort...u-n-r-e-a-l!!... You would be surprised in how much the correct posture can improve the quality (...and quantity) of your playing! And the best of all is that there are no nasty after-effects after practice - no lower back pain anymore. Gone!... no more arching over the guitar, no more slippage, a lesser left wrist bend in the fretboard... all thumbs way up!"

"Long story just to say that if you are in the market for a guitar chair then check out www.soundseat.com."

"Best value for the money and worth every cent, penny, euro, rand..."

"Needed to share this."

Pedro M.
posting from www.guitaralliance.com

"Try the SoundSeat guitar chair. This is what someone earlier in this thread mentioned saying "Fat Ass chair" on it and was originally designed for drummers. J.R. Baker, one of the owners, is/was a professional drummer for many years."

"Anyway, J.R. is as nice a guy as you'd ever want to meet and they have a great product. Not cheap or homemade, but sonething that will last a lifetime. You can get it with or without a footring. It has a gas hydraulic lift in it that you can adjust the height between low to the ground and almost bar stool height. I got mine with the footring. They have also introduced a breakdown version of it which would be awesome for giging purposes."

"I highly recommend these seats and J.R.'s commitment and follow up. He wants his customers to be happy and usually follows up in person just to make sure you are. Their website is www.soundseat.com."

Jim W.
Rec Music Makers newsgroup

"Took your advice and gave Andy his SoundSeat early.:) He is thrilled!!!! Been sitting on it almost the whole time since we gave it to him. (Well, he didn't sleep on it..lol)"

"What a blessing you have been. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate how you got our order processed and sent so quickly. And that seat was sure packaged well!! The embroidery is beautiful btw! Anyway, it is a wonderful chair and perfect for his guitar playing! And it was great talking with you. I appreciate you following up too. What service! You are so appreciated! Have a very Merry Christmas!"

Terry L.

"Well, my SoundSeat finally arrived yesterday."

"I would just like to say that I am absolutely delighted with it. The whole thing is beautifully engineered and put together. And of course wonderfully comfortable. I really feel I have made an investment here rather than a mere purchase."

"My only disappointment is that my next gig isn't until next weekend."

"I bought an Ayotte kit about two years ago, but used to sit on whatever I could find. Well, you don't drive a Ferrari sitting on a milking stool do you, and now my setup is complete."

"I would like to thank you, J.R., for your amazing customer service at every stage of the transaction. To say I have been impressed would be an understatement. It goes without saying that I will wholeheartedly recommend the SoundSeat to all my musician friends (not that I need to, I think the product speaks for itself)."

"Once again many thanks."

Tom J.
Ballinful, Co. Sligo

"I've had two surgeries on my lower back and the resulting discomfort from sitting in various types of chairs while playing guitar has been a real problem for me. I've been playing for only a couple of years and the inability to find a suitable chair has meant that I can play for only about 30 minutes at a time or that I sit back in a recliner and develop some less-than-desirable playing forms. Last evening, I tried my new SoundSeat and played for an hour and a half with no pain in the lower back and enjoyed the practice time more than I have since I started playing. My chair has arms attached and I removed the right one because it was bumping into the back of the guitar. Once I did that, the setup was perfect and the time flew by. I know this is going to allow me to play more and enjoy it more than I have previously. The quality, fit and finish are absolutely outstanding. It is certainly a beautiful piece of furniture. Just wish it would help my singing, too. Thanks for making such a great product and please feel free to use me as a testimony to the SoundSeat for guitar players."

Gary G.

"I'm still a happy camper, or rather my backside is. Purchasing a Wide Ass drum throne was a great investment in comfort."

"I've used the Wide Ass for awhile now and am completely satisfied with it. It's such a pleasure to play a weekend gig in such comfort. Not to mention our 4 and 5 hour practice sessions. The more I use it, the better my bottom likes it. An outstanding product!"

"A very satisified customer."

Thomas P.

"I received you voice messages. Thanks for checking up on things. I have put the seat together and used it last night for the first time. It's great. I was able to sit and practice the whole time without any soreness or needing to get up all the time. I really love it, and the footring is great for the guitar. Everything you said about it is true in terms of quality and comfort."

John B.

"I bought my SoundSeat from you at the CAAS convention this year. I'm sure you wouldn't remember me by name but I am the guy from Minnesota that bought the 270MM high lift in chrome from you. I just had to let you know how much I love the chair! It is extremely comfortable and of very high quality. I use it mostly when I play with the Duo I'm in. We are the house band at a supper club here in St. Paul. I find that since I'm up in the air and can't tap my foot I end up "rocking" to the beat. The crowd gets a kick out of it and talks about my nice "rocking" chair I have. I use it with the 270MM lift all the way up and even though it is fully extended with my 220 lbs. rocking on it, I have had zero issues with the chair. The lift arm hasn't bent or anything. Truly a great purchase I have enjoyed and will continue to for many years I know. Thanks again for a great product!"

Richard J.

"The seat is really great, and the brown leather is especially rich-looking (and feeling!) What I quickly discovered is that the chair sets me up in a better sitting posture than anything I've previously used. It's also a great value, considering its comfort, quality, and appearance."

"The customer support both you and J.R. have provided is in a league of its own! As I mentioned to J.R. earlier, I'm a purchasing manager by trade, and have been buying all manner of things professionally for years. This chair ranks among the most enjoyable buys I've ever made, and maybe the best ever - honest! While your product is great, what really separates your operation is the individual customer attention you provide. So many small businesses offer good or even great product, but their lack of customer support undermines what they're trying to accomplish. You guys, on the other hand, just get it!"

"Thanks again and best regards."

Brian D.

"Thanks for writing and your interest in our satisfaction with our SoundSeats. We are completely delighted with them. They are so comfortable even after long periods of time. The workmanship and materials are perfection. They have made a wonderful addition to our music work area. Thanks again for the time and care put into such a quality product. 100% satisfaction!!!"

Christine and Kent

"Yes, I received it today, put it together and used it for my guitar practice session for several hours. All those who recommended the SoundSeat on the Taylor Guitar Forum knew what they were talking about!"

Barbara L.

"Congratulations on the good words you received in the recent issue of Modern Drummer. I guess I'm biased when it comes to your seats, so no matter how good the review is, I always think it could be better. But then again it is really hard for me to express my excitement about these great seats to others when I try. They really have to be experienced to truly understand what an outstanding product they are. Trust me, if I didn't believe that these seats are the most comfortable and solid seats I have used in my 39 years of playing and obviously the reason my back no longer hurts after long sets, I certainly would not have purchased 2 of them. I really thought I may have to give up playing due to pain in my lower back and I took a chance on your seat and the pain went away almost overnight! I had a hard time believing it myself, but it is the ONLY thing I changed on my kit. Thanks again guys and continued success."

Billy B.

"As you know, I always had a problem finding a chair that was both functional and comfortable when playing my guitar: arms in the way, too tall stools, no back support, hard seat, etc, etc. It's made practicing much more difficult than it needs to be and, I think, hindered my ability to hold the instrument properly. And none of it did much for my back."

"A luthier friend had a drummers seat and suggested that I look on the web for something similar. I found SoundSeat.com and, to make a long story short, bought one of their guitar seats. It has been a godsend: adjustable height, adjustable backrest, comfortable, a footring, all in very high quality. You even have a choice of colors for the leather seat and backrest."

"I'd guess many non-professional guitarists have had the same problem using a chair or stool from around the house and would appreciate knowing about this solution. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed."

Tom P.

"I just wanted to tell you how impressed my husband was with the SoundSeat. He absolutely loves it! You did a terrific job with everything, including the writing on the back. Thanks for everything."

Helen L.

"Yes, indeed I've had the seat for several days and I love it. It works so much better than a conventional piano chair which adjusts with knobs and lacks the air-lift. I was quite surprised, however, by the taxes I had to pay the French customs office: 150 euros, which is what the chair cost in American dollars. This I think is quite unfair, but of course, you at SoundSeat are not to blame. I was forwarned. These customs charges are a real impediment to the free flow of goods between countries. It's a shame."

"Thank you for the great chair and the great service!"

Tim M.
Huningue, France

"Thank you for the prompt dispatch of the SoundSeat which arrived with me exactly one week after placing my order with you. Thank you also for the extremely generous act of sending it by air-mail rather than surface. I would have to say that I have never before experienced such good service from any other supplier!!"

"The inclusion of a cleaning kit and spares package is a very welcome extra, not something that most British manufacturers would ever consider - well done."

"To say that I am pleased with the SoundSeat is a great understatement! I have now used it on many gigs, several recording sessions and also a three night variety show and can honestly say that I have never felt more relaxed and comfortable when playing. I have had back problems for several years and have always had to sit quite high in order to be at all comfortable. With the SoundSeat installed I am now able to sit six inches lower with my legs in a much more natural position giving me much more pedal control and power. I am now as relaxed at the end of a gig as at the start!!"

"My friend runs the local drum shop and we spent several hours doing an A/B test against the Tama, Pearl and Roc N Soc seats that he stocks. We came to the conclusion that the SoundSeat was more comfortable because of its very natural shape and curves. Unlike the other brands which have several panels which tend to be rather angular or have raised seams. They are good but the SoundSeat is better!"

"There is however a down side to having such a comfortable seat - in a word 'guitarists'! I do find that if I have to leave the kit at rehersals I usually come back to find one of the guitar players using the seat and they are reluctant to move!"

"Please feel free to use any part of this letter on your website if you feel the comments of a middle aged English rock and roller would be of interest to prospective customers."

"Thank you once again for an excellent product and first class service."

Paul B.
Norfolk, England

"Hi Guys! I LOVE the seat! I have to admit I am always VERY skeptical when I read about anything from a small company with overly glowing reviews that claims to be much better than commonly available products. I thought with all the guitar players in the country there must be a common need for a comfortalbe practice spot that allows good playing posture. When I asked a local shop if they sold chairs to practice in they thought I was nuts. My couch was comfortable but I would mess up technical sections that require a rigid position. I think the chair will be very heavily used. Thank you for the refreshing personal service you have provided in a drive through world. You have no idea how many customers you have created by adding my big mouth to your advertising machine. Thanks!"

Ben S.

"I'm a Yamaha Performing Artist on Cello and have searched for years for the perfect cello chair! I believe I have found it in the SoundSeat. My search has included all so-called 'symphony musicians chairs' to different drum thrones. I simply wanted a comfortable, adjustable chair with leg cutaways that would be good to my bottom and my back."

"Rehearsing and playing in symphony orchestras requires up to three hours of sitting in very uncomfortable chairs. To save my back, I wanted a chair that would be good to me when I practiced at home, and one that my cello students could use during private lessons. Since each student is of a different age and size, I needed adjustable heights which the SoundSeat so adequately provides."

"I use the SoundSeat at home when I practice, in my cello studio when I teach, and I bring it with me when I perform on my electric cello with bands. I believe the classical world has long mistreated its musicians with uncomfortable chairs that do not encourage a healthy performance posture. Hopefully, SoundSeat will catch on in the classical world - I intend to do my part by spreading the word!"

"I also love how the seat tilts forward providing the perfect position for cello playing - a slight leaning into the cello! Thanks Jack J.R."

Melody K.
Yamaha Performing Artist on Cello

"Yes, the SoundSeat arrived safely, in a timely fashion, and was easy to assemble (even for a Klutz like me). It is a comfortable, multi-functional unit, easily 'fine-tunable' and made of high quality materials."

Thanks for your assistance, I am a satisfied customer!"

Michael L. CPA

"I see from my call log that you had tried to reach me this afternoon, but I had stepped out for a bit."

"The chair arrived this afternoon. I've put it together and already played for about an hour. I'm glad you 'talked me into' the ring as it definitely increases the versatility by allowing multiple leg positions - the 'flat top' on the ring is a stroke of genius!"

"Great product! Great service! Thanks again.

Robert M.

"I LOVE the chair - my students love it too:). I like how the chair is molded to fit you; my students say it is very comfortable, and they love that it's adjustable. I'm going to try to tilt it forward today and see how it goes...If it tilts forward enough, it will be perfect for cellists as we lean forward when we play."

"I guess I won't need the back so I'll send that back to you with the shorter glides. The thing is that I (and most other cellists) sit at the very edge of chairs in order to lean into the cello as we play, especially in higher positions on the fingerboard. So the back would have to come forward almost another 3 inches to justify needing it - but honestly having a back to a cello chair is not a real need and it would probably hinder my playing... We as cellists were taught to never lean back in a chair when we play..."

"Probably when I need a new office desk chair I will get a SoundSeat with the full back. I've used the SoundSeat at the computer, and I just forgot I'm in the chair - it's so comfortable!"

"Thank you J.R. for your calls and your willingness to work with me on finding the exact specifications needed. I truly appreciate your help and LOVE your SoundSeat!!!! I will definitely be bragging about this chair to other musicians. Thanks."

Melody K.
Yamaha Performing Artist on Cello

"Love the seat! My first night out with it was the most comfortable 3.5 hour gig I have ever had! Thanks again."

Matt J.

"Hi J.R. Just wanted to add a note to our phone call last night thanking you for all of your help with selecting my SoundSeat. What a great product. I've been sitting on a wooden chair with a seat pad that was most uncomfortable. I feel like I can play for hours in "the Seat". It is better than I had hoped for. Makes a practice session much more comfortable now. Thanks.

Bob B.

"I am still getting used to this Thrown! It is so different for me to 1. have adjustments and 2. be comfortable! I am enjoying the comfort alot. Thank you."

David O.

"Hello, I did receive my SoundSeat. I've told many musicians that this is the best equipment choice I've made in a long time. Thanks."

Steve D.

"Yes, my SoundSeat arrived with no problems at all. It was very well packaged and easy to assemble."

"I am very pleased with the SoundSeat. It is VERY comfortable and very well built. I'm also happy with the number of adjustments available on the chair. The SoundSeat has made my guitar playing experience even more enjoyable."

Ron A.

"The SoundSeat was here when I got home from work. Thanks for the fantastic service. You provide a level of customer service that no one else comes close to matching."

"The seat is fantastic! I cannot believe how much more comfortable the SoundSeat is than my DW drum throne. There is simply no comparison. I put the DW throne away, and I doubt I will ever use it again."

"The quality of the SoundSeat base, the seat, the back, the gas lift, and the carrying case is unbeatable. The leather looks and feels great."

"I really appreciate how easy it is to adjust the seat height. No more getting off the seat, spinning the seat up, trying it, spinning it up some more, trying it again, and so forth. Now I can quickly change the height of the seat while sitting in the chair with one quick adjustment."

"The gas lift gives just the right amount of cushioning. It is frim, with just a little give. I am really happy that I selected it."

"You make a great product. Every drummer should have the privilege of sitting on a SoundSeat. Once they do, they will never go back to a regular drum throne."

Phil G.

"All I can say so far is wow! It really does seem more comfortable than my other seats, and it's definitely well put together. The upholstery & embroidery are wonderful too."

"I decided to put it to a real test & let the household use it for a computer chair. My son really likes it a lot. He sat in it for probably 90 minutes straight before it struck him that he wasn't experiencing any discomfort at all. The guys in the band are gonna freak when they see thing all personalized."

Butch S.
Yahoo's Drumzilla Forum

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how please I am with my new SoundSeat."

"Before the SoundSeat arrived, my guitar practice sessions were cut to about 45 minutes because of back pain. Last night I practiced for almost 2 hours without any pain whatsoever. My practice was more focused and I was able to immerse myself in the music without any distractions. All I can say is WOW!"

"Secondly, I have to applaud you for your superior customer service. Ordering was easy and pleasant and the follow-up telephone call (to make sure everything was OK) was unexpected, but terriffic."

"Again, thank you for a great product!"

Rob W.

"You were absolutely right. It took me about 10 minutes to get the seat out of it's wrappings and two minutes to put it together."

"What a seat! I hope you are proud of this product because it is top of the line."

"Thanks so much for thinking this out. I really hope you get stinking filthy rich with this seat. Can't wait to show this off."

"Take care and the best of everything to you and your company."

Danny K.

"Yes, Paul safely received his seat, and to say that he is a satisfied customer is an understatement. He is very happy with it. He actually received it on the 28th of February so even the mail man did an excellent job. He actually phoned me to tell me that it had arrived on the same day I received your email telling me you had used air mail."

"Paul is very impressed with the quality of your product and no doubt is discussing it with all his drumming acquaintences. Thanks again."

Arthur D.
Norfolk, England

"I just put my butt on your soundSeat. I can't wait to have it in full time use."

"I currently use a Roc N Soc throne that is going to be "second chair" real soon. There is a possible angle for you in your advertising. "Why sit in a 'second chair' when you can sit in THE first chair."

"Gordon got this for me thinking I could utilize it on the base of the Roc n Soc but that's not the case as you already know. Instead of putting this seat on just any base, I want to put it on the hardware that it was intended for. So when you get a chance please let me know about the possibilities I have to put this seat into use. I currently use the gas cylinder post and I like that so I guess what I'm asking for is the base w/gas cylinder and if possible can I attach a back rest to this seat?"

"Thanks for your time and a great seat."

Danny K.

"I picked up my guitar seat yesterday from Nuremburg Airport. Today I assembled it! Great seat! Thanks!"

Christian R.
Fuerth, Germany

"Well I couldn't wait, J.R. I opened the thing in a cold sweat. It's ......GORGEOUS!!!!! You were right about the red embroidery - it's a knockout. And it feels terrific. Man, do I love your seats!!! I don't quite know how to thank you, J.R. These are such a boon for me. Everyone that comes over and sits in these just goes crazy. I suspect strongly that I'll have some new customers for you this year, seriously. Thanks again. I LOVE it."

Mark P.

"The chair is definitely saving my back. Loving it."

Marc L.

"Everything arrived perfectly. Thank you for all your follow up. I can't say as I have ever experienced anything like it before. Really enjoying my new chair... Thanks!"

Tim H.

"My seat arrived yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, I worked late yesterday and didn't get to unpack and assemble it until about 11PM. I was then too tired to turn the computer on."

"What I can tell you so far is that you make a fantastic product. It is exactly what I had been searching for for quite a long time. I expect to get many, many happy (and comfortable) hours use from it. The only thing better than the seat is your customer service. This has been one of the most pleasant purchasing experiences I have ever had. You are a true gentleman and it has been a pleasure "meeting" you and doing business with you."

"I will be posting a glowing review on the Taylor Guitar Forum tonight,"

Kevin C.

"I'm still in debt to you , my friend. It's easy to promote the SoundSeat. IT ROCKS. I've been sitting on mine 8 hours a day for a whole year now, and I love it."

Scott M.

"Yes, we did get it! It's awesome!! We talked with J.R. last night. He was so excited that Kerry was so excited!! Kerry is going to try it today behind his drums. Again, thanks so much!!"

Cindy Lee E.

"Yes it did arrive on time and I was impressed in how well it was packed. I put it together with no problems, and I've used it just about every day since then. You were right about using the ring to prop up my leg when I practice my guitar. I don't even really need my foot stand. Why even my cat took to it right away and he sits on it now. Anyway, great product and thanks for the prompt service."

Jerry N.

"I just got back from taking my daughter to dinner, and the SoundSeat was at the door. Twenty minutes later I was argueing with my daughter over who's chair it was. Thanks. I'll let it break in then post a review on the AG and Collings forums."

Michael W.

"I hope this note finds you well. I also hope that your business is doing great. My SoundSeat is just fine. I have been playing a lot more because of my wonderful seat. So far, my wife has not tried to swipe it or asked to get one. She has not had a chance to sit on it much because I'm always on it!"

Ace B.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with my new SoundSeat. It's everything I expected and more. It arrived with no problem. Good, quality components and most important of all very comfortable. You've got a winner with this seat! Oh, by the way, according to my wife, J.R. in North Carolina was a gem. He's a very nice man who went out of his way working with my wife to make sure the seat was exactly what I wanted. It was a pleasure doing business with you all. I'll certainly recommend SoundSeat to anyone I know that is looking for chairs like these."

Joe K.

"Well, I got my new chair and as expected it's everything I wanted it to be. Thanks again. Its been more than a pleasure doing biz with you. I hope to help you sell some more so don't be surprised to see more Greenville addresses in your order forms. When you get a chance, I wrote a review on the Taylor Guitar Forum in the gear and music section. Thanks again."

Bill P.

"WOW! and then he said it backwards, WOW!"

"The SoundSeat meets and exceeds all my expectations and is a true marvel of design intelligence and engineering."

"As drummers we typically spend the least on a solid foundation for the pursuit of our craft, namely an adequate stool. It is my firm belief that the SoundSeat provides a solid foundation upon which every drummer can base a lifelong pursuit of craftmanship. The custom embroidery is totally awesome and I expect will get rave reviews from the musicians and audiences I play with/for."

"Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, I just can't say it enough. I firmly believe that the SoundSeat will enable me to continue to pursue excellence in the wide world of drumming."

"I will be encouraging all my associates to look seriously at the SoundSeat, whether they be musicians, computer programmers and anyone else that might need a really good foundation for the pursuit of their craft."

"With deepest thanks and respect."

Wynn V.
The Wyndee Group
Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

"Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how much I continue to enjoy my SoundSeat. I take it everywhere. I have even taken it to a restaurant where the chairs are too hard to sit on! My mom borrowed it one night to play her keyboard. I think she's sold already!"

"I happened to be on your site today because I am seriously considering purchasing a second seat for use as a desk chair. Since the seat without a back does not work as well for me for that purpose. I would problbly get the large mid back with arms."

"Thanks again for what continues to be a great experience!"

Haans B.

"I simply love the guitar seat you made for me. Just as it arrived, I had a flare-up with my joints, esp. fingers, & my arthritis was diagnosed as being rheumatoid arthritis. The interesting thing is that when I feel comfortable enough to try and play, The SoundSeat provides multiple levels of support & comfort which makes it easier to play. At one point, I had to put down guitars for 18 months because of cranky joints, but this time with your chair, I have more confidence and support to "play through" this flare-up. Thanks again for a great product and your hospitality."

Michael F.

"I just received your Christmas card and gift. Thank you so much for the card, gift, and everthing else you guys have done for me. I can't show enough appreciation for your fine products, customer service and thoughtfulness. I'm definitely gonna tell everybody about you guys! Keep up the excellent work and once again, thank you so much."

Damon K.

"Everything arrived in perfect condition and the quality of the chair exceeded my expectations. Thanks for providing such a quality product."

Art C.

"...it's great....the assembly was easy and the seat is extremely comfortable. Thanks for the follow up. Your service is great."

Roy F.

"I especially appreciate the extraordinary efforts you'll make to guarantee customer satisfaction. I wish everyone felt that way about their products. I will NOT hesitate to recommend your seat (and you) to my friends."

"Well, as advertised your seat is, without a doubt, the most comfortable chair I own. The quality is fantastic. I can honestly say it is better than advertised...and who can say that these days? They say 'the mind can only absorb what the rear can endure' and, as a consequence, my practicing has gone to another level. My back no longer hurts, I'm concentrating better, working on those hard parts longer and my shoulders are not becoming fatiqued like before. This was a smart purchase, and I Thank You for such a marvelous product. Now, if I can just get my wife out of it so I can get back to my guitar..."

Bill G.

"I just wanted to accuse you of making one heck of a good guitar seat. You are going to find that I'll by hyping your product regularly on Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Discussion Forum."

Mike G.

"My wife said J.R. called to see if the seat showed up. It came the day after J.R. called. One of the first things I did when I got home was put together my SoundSeat. I assembled it quickly because I was so excited to try it. At first it did not feel right, but after further 'tweaking' it's fine now. I needed the seat back moved forward a little. I played for an hour last night and did not feel fatigued at all. Great product. Now, my wife is checking it out for her sewing/craft room. I may end up getting another one sometime soon."

Ace B.

"I am pleased to report that today I finally set up my new SoundSeat --- it's great! No problems setting it up. It feels very good and everything seems in order. I will break it in before monkeying with it too much, per the instructions. Good job! I like it!"

Goodloe S.

This may sound like a paid announcement or spam, but I gotta tell you, this product is one of the best things to roll down the pike in a long time. I've been especially interested in good seating at the drumset as I've had some back "outages" on and off this past year - (which has been helped tremendously by taking up yoga, by the way). I was even considering a DrumFrame but decided that was too nuts for me as a jazz guy with little tiny kits.

Anyway, I'd read the information about J.R.Baker's SoundSeat on his website and then spoke personally with him about his product. He is truly enthusiastic, both about his product as well as his customer's satisfaction.

So I splurged on a SoundSeat Breakdown GasLift "church" model (it doesn't have the "WideAss" embroidery on it, hence its name) drummer's seat with standard back (see http://www.soundseat.com/models.html), and it arrived the other day after about a three to four week wait.

I subsequently received about two or three follow-up calls and e-mails to be sure that I was satisfied, and all my questions regarding the seat were cheerfully answered by J.R. himself.

This has to be the most comfortable drummer's seat imaginable - I've had hydraulic Roc n' Socs, which are great, but there's NO COMPARISON - this is in a different league altogether. It induces you to sit naturally and comfortable at the drumset. And for long periods of time without fatigue.

This seat is stable without any wobble, EXTREMELY comfortable, it has a very comfortable, adjustable lumbar back support and a great gas lift (hydraulic-type) of mechanism; and the model I bought breaks down and pops into a cordura bag which is available for it.

The seat is not inexpensive, but considering the quality and craftsmanship and design of this seat, it's worth every cent - the base price is $195 for the gas lift seat, back and glides; when I consider that I'd spent more on a cymbal or a snare drum, it made total sense for me.

Anyway, *check out the website*. The seat is constructed beautifully, and J.R. is a perfectionist who is sincerely interested in the quality of and the satisfaction with his product. Oh yeah, and the personalized embroidery on the fine black leather of the seat and back makes you feel like you're cruising along in a plush limo.

Mark P.

"I received the chair yesterday. As soon as I got home I put it together and it is incredible. Quite possibly the most comfortable piece of musical furniture I've had the pleasure of trying. Tonight I will give it a run for sure."

"Thank you for a great product and customer service. I will make sure other musicians know about this amazing and well thought out product. Thank you and keep up the good work."

Jose M.

"Last night after you called I put together my new SoundSeat. And you were correct. It took longer to unwrap it than put it together. Very well packaged. I was impressed with the care taken in both packaging and shipment."

"I then pulled my trusty Martin guitar out of it's case and began testing my new chair. What a difference between your product and all the other options I have been using (stool, dining room chair, ottoman, couch, bed). I could have played for many hours without my back and butt tiring. Whereas before, after playing for an hour I was feeling discomfort in my back and gluts."

"My wife arrived home and after putting the chair through it's paces announced that we have to purchase one for our pc work station. I hastily responded that we can purchase arms and casters for the one we have and it will suffice as both a guitar seat and pc chair."

"This has to be the best investment I've made in regard to my guitar playing other than my two Martin Guitars. Your SoundSeat is quality work through and through as is your service. Your friendly, personable nature coupled with a desire to ask the right questions to help me determine the chair for my needs has made for a very positive purchasing experience for me."

Frank D.

"My SoundSeat got here in perfect condition. I'm EXTREMELY happy with it AND the service I got from the company and in particular, JR. My old skinny butt thanks ya'll!!! I sat in my old desk chair for a few minutes today, and that's all it took to remind me just how comfortable the SoundSeat is!!! A few of my musician friends have been by since I got it and they were both very impressed with it."

"I found out about SoundSeat through surfing the internet. I believe I had done a search for guitar chairs because I have old injuries that make it difficult to stand for long periods and wanted a good chair designed with the guitarist in mind. I am a patented inventor myself, and feel that I know a quality product when I see one. One conversation with JR convinced me I was in good hands and that work on every detail would be meticulously done. I was not disappointed in any way. Ya'll make the very best seat on the market for this niche. Well done, and thank you!!!"


"I have been enjoying my SoundSeat most thoroughly. It is truly the best seat I have ever played on. I can play for hours with absolutely no pain. Thanks again to you and J.R. for an excellent product and excellent service."

Haans B.

"The SoundSeat arrived safe and sound (no pun intended). Used it for the first time yesterday and found it to be as advertised. Having fun with the gas operated height adjustment - reminds me of being at an amusement park!"

"Toying with various heights and positions to dial in the ideal playing position."

"While I expect to find a 'default' ideal playing position, I've already noticed my ideal playing position will likely be different from time to time depending on how I'm holding the guitar and where I position my feet. The chair provides plenty of flexibility for me to adjust accordingly. I also really like the footring."

Chris S.

"Yes it's great! Best money I've spent since I bought my Taylor guitar!"

Steve M.

"Everyone who sits on the SoundSeat loves it. When the guys come over for a rehearsal, everyone fights for this chair."

David O.

"I received the chairs as you predicted. All is in perfect condition. I will be assembling them today. Thanks for all of your help and excellent customer service!!!"

Mike S.

"The SoundSeat was delivered today. I've set it up with my husband's help - it's great! He thinks it's great too - he's an architect who has to buy furniture for his office buildings so he knows something about chairs. Well, I watched TV sitting on it and quite forgot I was not on a sofa. Now I know what those guys were talking about! I like the fact that I can adjust so many parameters back and forth to get a comfortable fit. Thanks."

Mary W.

"Thanks for the follow up. I couldn't be more satisfied! The chair was very well packaged and arrived secure and without any flaws. Nice craftsmanship you guys. It's very well built with all quality materials throughout."

"JR provided me with excellent recommendations and advice when I ordered and was great about calling and keeping me informed about the progress of my SoundSeat through every step of the process - informative but never patronizing which I appreciate. Thanks for the excellent communication. I've never had a better purchasing experience. Thanks for the personal care you've taken. It's a well built, well designed chair with nice features at a fair price. I'm happy you've chosen to market directly to save the middle man markup. Otherwise the cost wouldn't be affordable. Nice web page."

"It's a great chair! I use it at my antique arts and crafts desk, with my computer, and when I practice guitar. I can play with the right arm pivoted out or removed - either way works with my Les Paul. I was just taking a couple of snapshots of it to send to my son to tell him about it."

"My wife is an artist. She loves the way the back feels. I'm trying to convince her to get one to use when she's painting."

"Keep up the good work and thanks for saving my aching back."

Jimmie C.

"Having used the seat for a while, I can say that it is excellent. Two of my grandchildren like it also - one for eating and the other for playing a guitar and also spinning. Thank you for your great product."

David J.

"Couldn't be happier with them, and the service."

Kirk Sand
Sand Guitars
The Guitar Shoppe

"SoundSeats arived today as expected. I assembled them as soon as I got home, and they look fine and feel fine. I'll give 'em a real test soon. Thanks for your terrific customer service - definitely the way to do business!"

Jack M.

"I love it! It was so easy to put together, well-packed and beautifully made. Very Comfortable! J.R. was wonderful to deal with and really helped me choose the right seat for me. I will recommend them to all my musician friends."

Alisa H.

"I got the chair this afternoon. Great packing, easy assembly and best of all great seat. Another satisfied customer! I'm only glad that I ordered it before CAAS! Sounds like you may have a bunch of orders to fill. Thanks so much."

Greg "happy-butt" S.

"J.R.!!! How's it going, my friend? Here's the info on the winner of the SoundSeat from the Taylor Forum raffle. This guy is really excited about getting ahold of one of your chairs. I was telling him about mine and how I think it's the best thing since sliced bread. I played on it for over two hours last night. Comfy! I told him that you'd be in touch soon. Man, I can't tell you what a great thing it was for you to donate one of your chairs to this good cause. Just goes to show what type of person you are. My deepest thanks."

J.R. R.

"Man, that's what I call service - you shipped my footring yesterday and I got it today at 11 am! It was sure nice meeting ya'll at this year's CAAS convention. You have a great product and speedy service.....that combination can't be beat."

"Hope you did well at the convention - it appeared to me that you were going to sell out early, so I expect you have had to fill a lot of orders this week."

"I'm enjoying my SoundSeat; keep up the good work....I wish you much success!"

Gayle M.

"I just wanted to let you know that I really like my SoundSeat. As far as the comfort and support it provides, it was exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to many hours of playing enjoyment. Thanks for a great product, and for great customer service as well. I'll feel free to get in touch if I have any questions or problems in the future - and I won't hesitate to recommend SoundSeat to fellow guitar players."

Gary E.

"OK, the bag. It's exactly what I was hoping for in terms of materials, construction, looks, weight, etc.... I'm glad there's no shoulder strap.

It's probably a bit heavy for shoulder use and I'd worry about that part falling apart."

"I like the way the parts fit in the bag and I like the extra detail given to the separate bags for the gas lift and the rail that holds the back to the seat. Very nice, an important touch."

"If there's one thing I don't like about breaking down the seat, it's that I have to remove the rail that holds the back to the seat. (Then again, I haven't checked to see if it will fit with the rail still on). Overall, the break down process is very quick once you've tried it and know where everything goes. Just takes a couple of minutes. I really applaud you guys for going through hell to get this whole thing together. I'm thrilled!"

David E.

"Gary is very happy with his new SoundSeat. We have all tried it out and agree it is very comfortable. We are very impressed with the "personal touch" we have received from you and J.R. There is obviously a lot of pride in the company. Once again, thanks for all your help and personalized service!"

May G.

"I like it very much. I am working on a business plan to open a guitar boutique mid- 2004 and have added a couple SoundSeats to my budget for shop use. We will certainly be talking again. Thank you for the follow-up."

Terry R.

"The 13th Fret prize seat arrived in good shape before I got home from work. It is together, and the first sit is great. I will have to try different positions for playing before I settle on one, but I can tell that I will be playing more because I have a real guitar seat now. I will use it a few days before I post anything on the Fret. My first impression is that it is all I have heard and read it was. Congrats on a great product!"

Steve A.

"I have used the seat twice now, and couldn't ask for better. It is extremely well made and comfortable. Thank you. I also appreciated your phone call. You must have been tracking its progress as closely as I was. I can't remember when anyone was so interested in their customers before."

David J.

"Thanks for the follow up. Just got the SoundSeat put together, and all is indeed well. Still tweaking the adjustments, but it is definitely one comfortable, high quality rig. I'd read lots of comments about them on the 13th fret discussion board, so had a good idea what to expect. Boy, you guys sure do pack them up well! I noticed that the carton did show a little crushing, but I think the brown-truck guys would'a had to run over the sucker to really cause any damage!"

"I really appreciate the quality product, good service, and your checking back with me. Attention to detail means a lot these days, and you folks are good at it! Now, how am I supposed to get all that packing material back in the box!"

Nathan S.

"I did get one from my girlfriend! She surprised my with it on Friday afternoon. I could not be happier with it. I'll post a glowing review on the 13th fret, Mary commented many times how nice you guys were."

Andy Bordic
Soul Tree Guitars

"Thanks. Looks and feels great. Burgundy is a nice color with that gold lettering. If you need a referral for classical guitarists feel free to let me know."

Bob T.

"The SoundSeat got here fine and I am very happy with it. Everything is great and I look forward to many years of comfort on my new SoundSeat! The SoundSeat is wonderful, and will improve my playing more than any other $200 change to the guitar. Good stuff, JR!"

Kevin K.

"I've been testing out the new seat for the last couple days putting in some serious hours on it. The Gibraltar 9508MB is definitely a joke in comparison. Much bigger and a lot more comfortable than the competition."

Danny A.

"My SoundSeat arrived today in great order. Nice packing job! Set it up and WOW! It is well made and very comfortable. My back feels better already! You and JR are a class act when it comes to customer service. Thanks alot. PS my wife who has a really bad back gave it the thumbs up. May have to buy her one of her own for the computer room!"

Jeff L.

"I absolutely love it. I'll recommend a SoundSeat every chance I get."

Frank B.

"Just to let you know that all the operators agreed on the seat (this is a first). I also want to thank you for your help and patience with this. Everyone here had good comments on the quality and comfort of your seats. Thanks again.

Pete Gomez
Armstrong Tile

"It's fantastic. I find myself playing for longer periods now.....it's about the best $200 I ever spent."

Tom B.

"It's working GREAT!!! GREAT WORK!"

Harvey Leach
Leach Guitars

"The SoundSeat arrived today around lunchtime PST. As per what I have heard, it was incredibly well packed. I must admit it took about the same time to unpack as assemble. I am the world's worst at following directions, but in about 15 minutes I had it together. Using it at the computer now, will try it out with the guitar and mandolin tonight. Thanks."

Dennis R.

"The SoundSeat is working out great, very comfortable. In fact I was chatting with Torro after his gig last night and he was raving about his comfort factor after playing a 2 hr+ straight set last week. Thanks again."

Joe Wells
The Danny Morris Band

"It's been one week since I received my SoundSeat and my initial impression of the quality of this chair hasn't changed. This is the finest guitar/computer chair I have ever used."

"I am extremely impressed by the quality of all of the components that you used to construct my chair. This SoundSeat is built like a tank and is as comfortable as a feather bed. I can now play my guitars for as long as I like...no more back or shoulder pain."

"The chair arms are fantastic! The solid steel construction means the arms don't move or flex when in place, yet they are so easy to remove for guitar playing. I appreciate the fact that the arms are adjustable in all directions - up, down, in, out, and even the arm pad can swivel in or out. I've never been able to customize the fit of a computer chair like I can with my SoundSeat. I usually spend several hours per day in front of my computer and my SoundSeat allows me to do so in total comfort."

"In summary, I couldn't be happier with my SoundSeat. I have two chairs, a guitar chair and a computer chair, for the price of one. Thanks JR."

Paul N.

"I love the seat and use it as both a guitar playing seat as well as a computer seat. Thanks."

Ed C.

"The SoundSeat is great. It has taken the place of my Pick -N- Glide."

Mike J.

"I wanted to thank J.R. and everyone at SoundSeat. Got my guitar seat yesterday and didn't want to stop playing in it. I think I may actually start practicing now. What a great buying experience. I recently bought a car for $25,000 and didn't receive 1/10 the customer service that I got from J.R. You guys rock."

Darrell D.

"Just wanted to thank you again for the SoundSeat! I've been playing more in the last few days than I have in the last few weeks. I'm really enjoying it. Man, you really are the king of customer service. Don't ever lose that."

J.R. Rogers
Taylor Guitar Forum

"JR - Thanks....I am enjoying my seat. I agree with your claims regarding quality AND comfort. I'm sure I'll be using the seat for years to come."

Dennis M.

"Thanks again for all of your help and attention...not to mention an excellent product! ...and feel free to quote me on that!"

Rick O.

"I'm sitting on it right now and boy is my ass happy!!! Nice Work!"

Jamie Kinscherff
Kinscherff Guitars

"Everything's lovely. Thanks."

Don A.
Cork, Ireland

"I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love the Soundseat. I play more frequently and longer because of it and it's really enhanced the pleasure I get from playing guitar. Every aspect of the transaction was great."

Adrian R.

"JR. Your are correct, my SoundSeat arrived today. I am RUINED. Flat ruined!!! I transferred out of my wheelchair and into the SoundSeat and now CANNOT possibly stand my wheelchair seat anymore!"

"WOW. I am very serious JR. This is quite possibly THE MOST COMFORTABLE CHAIR I have ever played in. It is certainly going to be my best friend. The higher back support is like a dream to me. It seems to envelope me and give me support in areas I never knew I needed support in!"

"I am not happy with this purchase - I'M ECSTATIC with it! I am using it as my primary chair not only while playing but while working on my computer as well. THANK YOU!!!

David R-B

"The seat was delivered today at noon; quick journey. I'll get it together this evening or tomorrow and have no doubt my back will hold up better with the superior support your guitar seat will provide. Great service. Thank you.

Frank D.

"My husband loves his new chair. Thank you very much for all the great customer service."

Angela J.

"Thanks JR. Your seat was the best thing in the world for me...........I recommend it to everyone..........Can't keep my band members off it!!!"

Tony M.

"My SoundSeat is here! My SoundSeat is here!!!!!!"

"My first impression: WOW!"

"Examine one in person and you'll know why they cost $200. Quality through and through. Probably overengineered parts. This chair will have no problem handling my large frame for years to come."

"The key? Comfort, comfort, comfort."

"The embroidery is top notch and they spelled my name right!"

David E

"Am digging the heck out'a my new Wide Ass! Unless I grow more caboose, I'll be able to place my lunch next to me at sessions. (Or highballs of my choice at gigs!)"

"If there was a subconscious effort I exerted prior to using this throne, it is gone entirely now! No subtle (or, not so subtle) concern of balance enters my mind while I'm flailing about at my chosen livelyhood. I must add that the personalized stitching adds a feature even an uninterested passer-by MUST take notice of and is a constant source of pride in ownership. I love it! Bravo."

Vinnie Santoro
Nashville Session Player

"I returned home today and found my SoundSeat waiting for me. She's a beaut! It's even better looking and more comfortable than I had hoped . I am thrilled with it to say the least."

"Thanks as well for your attention to customer service. It is nice to purchase a product and have the personalized attention that you are becoming known for."

Rod W.

"WOW. I had very high expectations, based on the reports I've read on the internet, but your seat exceeded all of them! The high quality of the craftsmanship is evident throughout. I am enjoying every comfortable moment while playing my guitar. I also appreciate your excellent customer service and follow-up. I wish all companies cared for their customers as you do. Thanks again!

Vic L. BR>

"Wanted you to know your seats are a big hit at the NAMM show. Sometimes they attract more attention than my amps. They have certainly upgraded the booth and it was a wise decision for me to buy them."

Dan Gore
Ultrasound Amps

"The seat arrived yesterday. You really packed it well for shipping! Took me longer to get it out of the box than it did to assemble it. Assembly was a breeze; only took 10 minutes. Thanks for the helpful instructions you provided."

"My first impressions are that it is well made, very comfortable, and excellent for playing the guitar. You were right, the 200MM gas lift is perfect for using the chair for playing the guitar and also as a computer workstation seat. And I'm very happy that I ordered the model which includes the footring. The ring is a must have for any guitar player, and it doesn't get in the way when I lower the chair to work on my computer."

"At first I didn't like the hard plastic base, thinking it would be unstable. I was wrong! This seat is totally sturdy. And I'm glad it's not made out of some heavy metal. That would make the seat too heavy to lift when moving. The leather is very nicely done and smells great. Your classy embroidery of the SoundSeat logo, done in gold , is a nice touch."

"The seat back is very nice to have as well. Doesn't get in the way at all when playing the guitar, and provides the right amount of support for my lower back."

"The attention you pay to your customers is outstanding, J.R. I felt that I was a valuable customer to you guys. Thanks for an excellent product!"

Scott M.

"I promised that I would write and say how much I like the Guitar Chair that came today. The 200MM length is perfect for me. By far, the most comfortable seat I've ever used to play guitar. Thanks again for making such a great product. I recommend the Wide Ass Guitar Chair to anyone looking for the most comfortable way to play a guitar seated."

Mike C.

"I am very pleased with the quality of the SoundSeat...I am further impressed by this extra customer service, and plan to recommend the SoundSeat whenever the chance arises."

John S.

"Hi JR, thank you for the wonderful service and I hope your holidays were wonderful. We received the seat and my boyfriend loves it."

Diedra S.

"I just got the Wide Ass for Christmas!! WOW! I guess the guy's got tired of my complaining. It got so I could tell time with my aching buttocks! 50 minutes! Breaktime!! It's already changing my playing. Feeling alot more centered! A very big thank you and please keep up the good work! I've got some major touring coming up this year and can't wait to spread the word! Thanks again!

El Torro Gamble
The Tom Principato Band

"Thank you very much for the quick turn-around. I have been playing for the last hour and so far it seems perfect as a seat for guitar playing. Thanks to you I will enjoy many of the idle holiday hours playing."

Doug H.

"I thought I would use your seat for a few weeks before I left a comment so I could speak as an expert. Well, I'm ready to talk and I've got plenty to say. Seriously, it's an incredible seat (calling it a drum seat really does it an injustice, it's more like drum furniture) that no matter how many great things you read about it or how many beautiful pictures you see of it, you really have to experience using the Wide Ass to truly appreciate all it has to offer. And by the way, since I already have mine, it's worth more than you are charging for it. (Please disregard the last statement if I order another one!) Thanks much."

Billy B.

"JR, I posted a message about your product on the acousticguitar.com GEAR discussion board...I suggested that they spoil themselves with a gift of your seat. Thanks for shipping the seat so quickly! I'm really happy with it JR! The seat itself is superior to the Roc-n-Soc. It's really made to sit in, very comfortable. The base and the foot ring really add to the utility of the seat. I look forward to many good times with my wide ass happily planted in your Wide Ass!"

Eric R

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate my SoundSeats...I have three of the guitar player models, which Ultrasound Amplifier Company (Dan Gore) made available to me."

"I first learned of the SoundSeat at the NAMM show where I assisted the Ultrasound folks. I was so impressed with the seat that I asked Dan Gore if he could get me several of them for my home studio and guitar display room. I even convinced a few other guitarists in the booth that they should each have one, too!"

After receiving the seats, I set them up in my guitar room and I became even more impressed with the quality of workmanship. I got so used to them, how nice they look and how comfortable they are, that I actually have begun to tote around 2 of them on my gigs...one for me, and one for other guitarists that sometimes sit in with me. They really add to the professional look on stage...even look nice in my living room. After all, a solo guitarist goes out on stage with thousands of dollars worth of guitars, amps, etc. and image is important. All too often, a "clunker" stool is used, and it just doesn't look as professional as the SoundSeat. The added "logos" on the seats also serve as a nice promotional effect, too. Most importantly though, is that after a few hours of performing, I'm not as uncomfortable or fatigued as I was before I got these great seats."

"Like your founder, I too, am also a drummer, having performed and toured with Les Paul in late '79 and '80, and later performances with Nokie Edwards for The Ventures. I'm so pleased with my SoundSeats for guitar, I plan to add one for my drum set, soon."

"In this day and age of importing lower cost, quality compromised products, it's a real treat to find such a high quality comfortable product like the SoundSeat. This is certainly a worthwhile investment. Congratulations, and thanks..."

Wayne Wesley Johnson

"After speaking to JR I was very inpressed over the way you run your company, very much the way my Dad would conduct business! I am very impressed with your product."

Gary T.

"I was surprised how fast it came... It is so comfortable. I was telling my friends how solid it was constructed and definitely well made. I appreciate you promptness, what a great product, good luck. Have to admit it is awesome. I really like my seat, I think I even play guitar better. I will pass it around my circle of musicians."

Mark D.

"The most comfortable, top quality seat I've ever had."

Sam Clayton
Little Feat

"The best seat I have ever used in my life. I don't like to play a show without it."

Richie Hayward
Little Feat

"It's like sitting on air."

Bill Payne
Little Feat

"It was good to see your seat featured in the Modern Drummer."

David L.

"Just wanted to let you all know about a pretty cool throne I just bought. It's called a "Wide Ass" and it's made by SoundSeat. A small shop out of NC."

"I had been in the market for a new throne for some time. I have my trusty Roc-n-Soc but I needed another for practice. I'd been researching the throne market for some time as it seems everyone is getting in the game with some cool seats these days (DW, Pearl, Tama, Pork Pie, etc.)."

"I saw the little blurb about SoundSeat in Modern Drummer and sent them an e-mail inquiring about their thrones. Wthin 15 minutes the owner (JR) called me to talk about thrones. He was a really cool guy and was very upfront and honest with me about his seats."

The other day I decided to take the plunge and I ordered the retrofit seat since I have a spare Pearl base lying around. I just got the throne today and it is really sweet. Made very nicely and it feels wonderful. It makes you sit in the correct position. Very strange as I have a back rest with my R-n-S and always used the back rest on it to keep in the correct upright position. It's super wide and it gives me a nice feeling of complete balance. I never thought I'd be so pumped about something you sit on and don't get a chance to smack with a stick."

"Anyways, I thought I would just pass that on to anyone who is looking for a new throne. They are a little pricier than some, but this guy makes them himself in his small shop. Plus he offers a guarantee that you'll love it or he'll take it back. Just another small fish swimming with all the sharks."

Heath B.
quote from rec.music.makers.percussion newsgroup
August 9, 2001

"I just got the throne today and it is really sweet. Made very nicely and it feels wonderful. It makes you sit in the correct position. It's super wide and it gives me a nice feeling of complete balance. I never thought I'd be so pumped about something you sit on and don't get a chance to smack with a stick!"

Heath B.

"At the Nashville NAMM Show last week I saw the guitarist's SoundSeat that you folks made. Very Impressive! Keep up the good work. You have a fine product!"

John Pearse
John Pearse Strings/Breezy Ridge Instruments

"I told you I would be ordering multiples if it all worked out and it has. You make a great product!"

Dan Gore
Ultrasound Amps

"Let there be no doubt, it's the one!"

Jeff Simon
George Thorogood and the Destroyers

"I love the seat. Most comfortable musicians chair I've ever had. I use the seat almost every day for at least an hour or two. It's exactly what I wanted and needed. Thanks again for making a great product."

Nick K

"It arrived on Friday, and I assembled it without looking at any stinkin instructions. It looks fantastic, and I can't wait to start using it. I'll recommend your company."

Tim M.

"Got my SoundSeat and had a chance to use it for the last few days. I must say, it's great! My bottom no longer notices the passage of time while I practice. It is everything you said it was -- and more. Look for my order for a computer chair soon. Thanks again."

Jan D.

"Just to let you know, my husband loves his new chair. I am glad that I ordered from SoundSeat and will give your name to anyone who asks."

Susan B.

"God bless you! The seat is very comfortable. Make sure that you keep your website alive because any seats I need to buy in the future will be the SoundSeat."

Steven W.

"Excellent news: eveything worked out fine. The assembly of the seat was easy and I really enjoy using it. It's really a great seat. Once again, thanks for all your support. It was a pleasure dealing with you."

Dr. Wolfgang N.
Pulheim, Germany

"I've sat on Pete Ragusa's throne and it feels great."

Joe Wells
The Danny Morris Band

"I love it. IT ROCKS. It is very comfortable and well balanced, it's the best seat I've ever used. Finally I can use my kick a$$ throne. I'm gonna recommend you guys to all my friends who play. Thanks for everything you did. I really appreciate it."

Damon K.

"Received seat yesterday. Used it about three hours and I find it very comfortable. Thanks for an excellent product."

Al T.

"I have received your seat, and I love it. And, I appreciate your keeping in touch with me, and making sure that I have received the "Wide Ass.""

Mike G.

"Got the seat. I didn't know how uncomfortable "regular" seats were until I tried the SoundSeat. I will pass the word on to my friends. Thanks."

Chris P.

"Got the chair today - it's great! The height adjustability is very helpful - 16 to 24 inch adjustability is perfect for the classical guitar position, and the seat itself is very comfortable. Thanks for all of your help!"

David S.

"I just got back in town and I LOVE IT! The folks at the Guitar Center were pretty much in Awe over it! They were trying to impress me with some over-stuffed Pork Pie seat, but another customer sat on them both and we all agreed - your foam is MUCH better - as is the entire seat, and it's nice to have leather! Thanks again for the WideAss!"

Russ W.
May 22, 1999

"I love this thing!"

Richie Hayward
Little Feat

"Being on the road 200 plus days a year, I need something to prevent lower back pain - this drum seat really does it for me."

Pete Ragusa
The Nighthawks
June 1998